What kind of bird is this? (Photo within)
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I need help identifying this bird. A fried took the photo while traveling in Texas a few days ago. The bird was seen in the urban area of Dallas, TX. Thanks!
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Looks like a female grackle to me.
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Best answer: Yeah, it looks like a female grackle, probably a great-tailed grackle based on the location. Large flocks of grackles sometimes cause problems in Dallas and Ft. Worth.
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Best answer: Sibley also calls that a Great-tailed Grackle (Quiscalus mexicanus), and based on coloring and location goes further to suggest it's a first-year Eastern female. The adult males are iridescent purplish-blue, with bright yellow/white eyes and diamond/kite-shaped tails. The more you know!
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I've had good luck with the Merlin Bird ID app - for next time.
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One more vote for lady grackle.
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Skinny grackle.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! Grackle it is. I knew the males and their distinctive color, but had no idea what the females look like.

DrJohnEvans, thanks for the link to the app, I'm downloading it as I type.
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There's a great Flickr group called The Bird Identification Help Group for future sightings!
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