ADHD diagnosis for an adult woman in NYC?
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I know that there's stuff on this before, but I didn't pull it, for obvious reasons.

It's weird how hard it is to even begin to sort this out. I've seen a therapist, who proposed that maybe I was just lazy, and a psychiatrist, who put me on a generic Wellbutrin that gave me a seizure at an inopportune moment. My brother has been diagnosed with ADHD and was treated happily. My father shows all the symptoms. I overachieved and was bored as hell through high school, and fell apart in college, despite caring about everything. I'm currently unmedicated, and mostly focus using alcohol, which is not ideal.

Do you guys know a good doctor in NYC who could either confirm I'm lazy or medicate me properly? This stuff is really hard. Bonus points for those who know doctors who even start to acknowledge that adult female ADHD could be a thing.
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I'm an adult woman with ADHD -- so I feel for you. Check out the providers listed at There are wonderful resources you can find through CHADD.
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I love my psychiatric nurse. She is able to diagnose and recommend treatment/prescribe medication.
She only takes United/United Oxford or she allows out of pocket.
Her name is Sandhya Singh-Chopr and she is at Soho MD in Soho.
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Check your mail!
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