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Looking for biographical material about Claude Monet. Want to know something about his inner life, not so much his place in art history. I want to know about his ideas about gardening, life, love and family. Not much out there I can find.
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You can start with the Giverny website, I suppose.
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Take a look into collections of letters.
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Yes, it's a picture book, but as a kid I was a big fan of Linnea in Monet's Garden.
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I nearly bought this in Giverny earlier this month. I leafed through it and it quoted from letters etc., so it was definitely more "the life of the person" than "his place in art history". It's illustrated and has lots of reproductions of his paintings, as well (dunno if you count that as a plus or not).

(Hm, let me add for completeness's sake that a French review says "...retraces the life but above all the works of Claude Monet, focusing on his relationships and exchanges with other artists. [...] final chapter dedicated to extracts from his correspondence.")
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