Looking for Minoru Terada
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A Japanese friend is trying to find a person she knew in the past. His name is Minoru Terada, and he was mainly a theatrical art director, but has also acted (you will see his name on imdb).

He had or worked for a company called Locomo, which had offices in Tokyo, NYC and Munchen/Munich 10 years ago. She believes he no longer goes by his Japanese name. He has a German father and she thinks his "new" German last name is something that sounds like "Donburg". She believes he may be in Munchen. Does anyone know someone who knows someone who can get her in touch with him? She can't find anything about the company (it may no longer exist) and she is unable to get in touch with anyone who used to work there.
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Well there's a locomo.de website, which is a bit cryptic, but might get you started, or it might just be a coincidence that it has the same name. That site links to http://www.monomo.co.uk/ where people presumably speak English.

This PDF has him (name reversed) acting in a production in Berlin, although I can't read German and can't be sure. Maybe a good idea is to contact some kind of actor's union in Germany? If he's acted professionally, they should have contact details, even if it was years ago.
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No, in that PDF that AmbroseChapel linked: he's not acting in Berlin. It's a thesis from someone studying Japanology in Berlin, and the thesis is about a movie featuring him.

The Locomo site says: "Locomo is a project about mobile technology and is developed by monomo". It doesn't sound like a company....

There is the Munich phone book over here. To look for people, you type a name in the box right under "Telefonbuch für München". I tried some spellings for "Domburg" (including Dornburg, Dornberg, Domburg, Domberg, Donberg, Donburg) and it finds close matches, but I didn't see anyone with a Japanese first name.
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Hmm, well, thanks for your efforts.
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