Subwoofer (only) for PC?
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I'm looking for help to find a cheap subwoofer to improve the sound for some built-in computer monitor speakers. I don't want to add desktop speakers.

I just picked up a decent 28" LED monitor as an Amazon deal of the day that has built in speakers. This freed up some desk space for me by eliminating the cheap little desktop speakers. But the speakers on the monitor are even smaller and tinnier sounding (as expected). I'd like to add a sub that can sit on the floor to the setup. Requirements:

1. Sub must connect to the 3.5mm audio out on the PC.
2. Sub must have a 3.5mm audio out on it to connect to the speakers (built into the monitor).
3. Cheap is good. Doesn't have to be audiophile, just looking for bigger sound.

This setup on Amazon seems almost ideal but I'm not crazy about the built-in and not disable-able mood lighting:

(I would not use the desktop speakers on this set, just the sub)

If you have done something similar, please give me your suggestions. Thanks!
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Personally, I'd recommend you skip the speakers on the monitor and buy a 2.1 or even a 5.1 speaker system. With a little elbow grease (or maybe even those heavy-duty 3M Command stick-em hooks) you can hang the speakers off the wall or hide them under the desk (upside down mount) so they don't take up any desk space. I've had a pair of altec lansing 2.1 that's still working fine after 10 years (got them with my first PC). You're NOT going to find a standalone subwoofer for the price you want, IMHO, at least ones that are any good.
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