I can't be the only one who enjoys this..
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Before unlimited long distance and minutes, cheap webcams, highspeed internet, and skype.. you could sign up for ICQ, mock up a profile of what you wanted and what you were interested in.. and find people interested in online sexual interactions, otherwise known as cybering or cybersex.. where does one go for that now?

Everything now-a-days seems focused on webcams and phonesex. This isn't what I'm looking for. The text based interactions, along with a picture or two.. was something like customized and interactive erotic fiction. I really, really enjoyed it.

It's been years since I participated in this, but I can't believe that it stopped. There is a great deal of freedom in pretending to be someone else and getting your rocks off, and in enjoying your fantasies in the safety of your own home.

I imagine this lives in IRC now-a-days.. but I don't know what terms to plug into google to get what I want. The things that did come up seem very vague ("chat with strangers!") or landed me a bunch of security and malware warnings.
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You can find almost anything you're interested in on Craigslist.
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I prefer text based chat myself, so I feel you. A few years back (before I got married), I'd go online to wherever I read my flavor of erotic fiction and most of those sites have a chat room. Sign in and voila! people to chat with. You can stay in the room or you can pop into a private chat with someone. Most chat rooms are text based to it's right up our alley.
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Are you looking for live chat only, or email? If you had a throwaway email...
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I've heard IRC but Tumblr has a whole lot of erotic roleplay and most role playing game sites will have a subset of the audience into the erotic as well. And most of that is text based.
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MUDs (/MUSH/MOO) might be up your alley. The only specifically sex-based one I'm aware of is Shangri-La, which is really kink-focused in some rather extreme ways. However some googling around that name may well show you similar places that are less, uh, savoury. Fair warning also, MUD/MUSH-based eroticism like this is based less on realtime interaction and more on, err... collaborative erotic fiction, written in alternating passages.
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Oh and silly me, if you use the search box at the top of that page, select 'up,' you'll be able to find quite a few.
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Back when I was in college (the mid to late 90s) this was definitely a big thing on IRC. It is hard to say if the people are still there but I bet there are some hard core hold outs. Just keep in mind that there are many IRC networks and many channels so you will have to wander around to find a vibe that works for you.
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Chaturbate and Kik are the ones I'm aware of.
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Furries are way into online sex chat and text-based role play. F-list.net is the main site for that. Twitter is also a goldmine for AD ("after dark") accounts...find one you like, start flirting and there you go.
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