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We're looking for somewhere to host ~60 people with catered food in early August. Nothing too fancy -- think more like a company picnic and less like a full-out gala. Preferably on the Peninsula or in South Bay.

My husband and I got married abroad last year, and we want to throw a local party for our friends who couldn't be there. We live in the San Francisco Bay Area, on the peninsula, and are looking for a venue within an hour's drive.

The budget for the entire event is about $2000, though I'd love to keep it under that if possible. If we budget about $20/person for food and $300 for entertainment, that leaves us with about $500 for the venue. Given that, I think that a park would be our best bet, but please let us know if you know of indoor venues within our budget too. We'd like a place we could explicitly reserve and not just a general area that usually allows big groups. Based on this previous question, Tilden Park sounds perfect, but it's a little far away.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
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Response by poster: Forgot to mention, we're also wondering if it's possible to reserve a section of beach to do this? Bonus points if there are fire rings.
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This isn't on the peninsula, but Alameda is less than an hour away from parts of the Peninsula. Crown Beach is pretty nice, has picnic areas with a BBQs, and you can make reservations.
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Best answer: I just had a big picnic party at Crown Beach in March and it was wonderful! You can (and should) reserve a spot, and they have them big enough for at least 75 people, and there is plenty of parking for anyone who will be driving up from the Peninsula. I reserved the Sand Castle picnic area, which had lovely views and beach access and plenty of space, for a total initial outlay of $253--that included the base reservation fee for county residents, a service fee, $25 for the beer & wine permit, and a $100 deposit that was refunded a few days later. As a non-county resident, your base fee will be a little higher, but still well within your budget.
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Response by poster: I checked out Crown Beach over the weekend and it was great! We will be booking it as soon as the office opens tomorrow. We also found that the Santa Cruz Harbor allows for reservations, but doesn't have the same amenities. There are also a bunch of community halls in Cupertino that we ruled out.
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