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Anyone have any fun things to do in NYC on new years eve?
(I'm looking for things other than being corralled around Times Square!)
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I've always gone to parties with friends, but I will reiterate that Times Square should be avoided at all costs.
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Oh god yes. Anything but Times Square.
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Best answer: Sorry, that was completely unhelpful. Just a visceral reaction.

Maybe something here looks good? NYE party guide
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In fact, avoid a 6 block radius around Times Square, if possible. You might get caught in the cordon.

I've had a good time hitting bars down in the Village on NYE.
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Best answer: I'd make it a 20 block radius. Just to be safe.

A lot of bars have a cover charge on New Year's Eve, though many of them come with drink specials or even open bar. I recommend some research rather than just blind bar-hopping, or you could be in for some aimless wandering around. Time Out is always a good source.

I agree with nyterrant on the Village -- East or West it's definitely the fun part of town.

Taking a stab here, but if you like show tunes, Marie's Crisis (piano bar) in the West Village is really fun. Never been there on New Year's, but I can't imagine having a bad time there.

It might help to post your general budget -- in my experience, NYE locale-selection is generally dictated by how much one has to spend.
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Another tip on what NOT to do- Prix Fixe NYE menus, esp. anything with "champagne toast". I've never had a good experience at one- they're way overpriced and underwhelming, and the waitstaff doesn't want to be there.

There's a midnight run through Central Park, if that's your thing...
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They Might Be Giants are playing two gigs (7pm and 11pm) at a place called NorthSix (tickets) in case you like them.
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In 2001 I went to a comedy club near Times Square. The show ran, then at 5 minutes to midnight everybody left the club to see the ball drop and then went back in to the warmth of the club. It was the perfect way to see the ball drop.
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Four times or so, I and a bunch of friends have snagged one of the two booths at 7B, aka Vazac's (at the corner of E. 7th St. and Ave. B -- seen in lots of movies), from which one can keep ordering drinks without having to get up. Very convenient, especially as the night goes on and it gets more crowded. Wonderful New Year's atmosphere...
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Turbine is playing at the Knitting Factory, if you're into Turbine or into seeing me there, possibly onstage. (It's not a self-link. One third of Turbine has been a friend of mine since high school.) Tickets here.
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I'll be running this race with friends at midnight. What a great way to launch the new year! DJ and dancing at 10pm, costume parade and contest at 11pm, fireworks and running at midnight!
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Check out www.noo.com. it's got tons of options. Pretty cool resource.
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