I heard it's my birthday
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Fun birthday ideas in Toronto?

I'm turning 28 in a couple of weeks and am looking for something fun to do with a bunch of friends for my birthday. Nothing requiring a lot of time or preparation, but maybe something unique/different/really extra fun?

It would be on a Friday night or Saturday afternoon/evening. The group could be a core group of 10 or 12, up to maybe 40ish, depending on the limitations of the venue/activity.

Ideas? I'm open to ANYTHING, just tired of the usual boring bar birthday.

Thanks in advance, darlings.
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Had my 29th birthday party at Medieval Times, and it was AWESOME. I thoroughly enjoyed it 20 years earlier for my 9th birthday, too. Though I think it was only enhanced by the fact that I could drink beer this time around. I'm pretty sure there is one in or near Toronto, too.
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Perhaps going to The Academy of Spherical Arts to play pool? Or is that too bar-ish?

I was going to suggest going to the Roller Derby finals if you wanted to do it next Saturday, but as it turns out, they're mostly sold out.
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Climbing gym? I've heard good things about Joe Rockhead's (King and Dufferin area).
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Off the wall idea: go to the zoo.
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YO YO MEDIEVAL TIMES. Cant believe someone beat me to that suggestion.

There is one at Exhibition Place, foot of Dufferin and Lakeshore.

Also, they have group rates.

Also, can I come?
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Lunacy Cabaret at the Centre of Gravity?
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What about Snakes and Lattes, the board game cafe? www.snakesandlattes.com
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