That's all well and good in practice
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but how does it work in theory?

I didn't buy this t-shirt when I was at the University of Chicago and now I NEED it. What do I do here people? Post on MefiJobs? I don't see that I can get it online anywhere and I'm not even sure which group on campus sold them.
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Best answer: according to the article here, it's associated with breckinridge house. you might be able to contact them, or someone from the office of undergraduate student housing, who controls the slogan.
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Best answer: In theory, would you be ok with secondhand? I can ask on facebook and see if any of my friends have one. These shirts started selling my last year there and it's certainly possible someone has one sitting around. What kind of size are you looking for?

You can also email someone in the RSO center to see if they can tell you which student group sold them Jen Kennedy was there back in my day so would be a good place to start.
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Best answer: On failure to preview, it sounds like you'd be best served talking to one of the Breck RHs. House info here.
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Response by poster: koroshiya--thanks, I got to that article myself and then didn't read the whole thing. Obviously I should have!

phunniemee--I will contact them about buying a shirt, if not I'll send you a mefimail about secondhand which would be fine also.
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I have one in a size s or m that I'd be willing to part with. MeMail me!
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