Publishing/Self-Publishing a kids storybook - where to start?
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A friend and I are planning to put together a children's book. Where do we start with finding a way to put it out?

My friend writes stories for storytelling workshops (for very young kids and toddlers) and I contribute singalong songs to go with them. We reckon this would translate well into a book and we're going to put it together ourselves, complete with illustrations via her storytelling props.

Neither of us have ever done this before, and we don't really know where to start with getting it out and about. Should we approach publishers with the idea? Now or when we're done with our draft? Or would we be better self-publishing, and if so can you recommend a platform to do this?

Just for added info - we're not looking to make our living on this. It's probably about one-third for fun, one-third for posterity, and one-third on the off-chance that it might bring in beer-money once in a while.

Any and all tips and recommendations welcome - thanks!
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Have you seen this previous question? It might help you get started.
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Also see my question.

This resource seems helpful too.

If you do publish, make sure to post this to Projects.
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