Company/Service that specializes in just packing for Chicago?
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We have a move scheduled soon with a company we've used before and are happy with. The SO has about 6-8 medium boxes worth of valuables and delicates she would like professionally packed before the move; the company we have can do this the same day but has indicated this would result in delays and does not recommend it, and they are unable to send someone the day before. Is there anyone that will help us with just the packing part?

Through google the companies we have found offering packing services are mostly moving as well, which would be fine to use, but the first two I contacted were not very helpful to indicate they had someone who would help with just packing. Are there any reliable services that offer professional packing? Thanks in advance
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I used to work at a Mailboxes Etc, which morphed into the UPS Store. We did that kind of job on occasion.

They're franchises, so it's going to be up to the store owner's entrepreneurialism. You may need to call around, or one store might be able to refer you to another. There are also unfranchised pack-and-ship places that might do this.
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You might ask a professional organizing firm if they would do something like this. I have no experience with the following firms, but they looked like likely suspects:
Amber's Organizing
Home Sweet Home
Burrows Moving & Storage
Good luck with the move!
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