New job, new phone system, not working
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So I'm at my new job. The main thing I'm supposed to be doing is calling people. Thing is, my phone isn't working and the tech support person's wife just had a baby, so he's incommunicado. A little help?

I've got a Windows 7 PC with a Jabra headset, plugged in via USB. An application called Inside Sales is supposed to be forwarding my calls (which I am making through their Power Dialer) to a Polycom phone. I dial from the web app, then my real/physical phone rings, I answer it, and I hear the call the web app made ringing. The thing is, the last part of this process only works if I answer with the old school wired receiver. If I try to answer with the headset by choosing the headset button, neither I nor the person I am calling can hear me. The headset works fine for calls made through Lync/Skype-for-Business.

Any ideas?
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This sounds like the problem is with the headset itself - this may sound inane, but try replacing the headset with fresh batteries (unless you know for a fact it already has fresh batteries). At a former job, a lot of the "people can't hear me when I'm on headset" problems were solved by just changing the batteries.
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We tried a different headset. Also, the headset works fine for Skype calls. It's only the calls bounced to it from the landline that don't work.
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OK, I think I know what the problem is. I compared my setup to that of the person next to me and his headset is not plugged directly into the PC. It’s plugged into an additional device, a Jabra splitter that then has one plug going into the PC via USB and another into the back of the phone.

I gather then that I’m not getting audio on the headset for calls through the Polycom phone because the two things are not yet connected. Can anyone identify this device so that I will know what to ask for?
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That looks similar (although not identical) to the Jabra Link 850. So, maybe a different version?
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My boss says other phones without such a device in the office work fine. So I'm still at a loss.
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What model Polycom and what's the back end PBX system?

What are the settings on the "other phones without such a device in the office [that] work fine?" Are they the same model of phone using the same model of headset?

It seems odd to me that you expect your Polycom to use a headset connected to a different device. How are they supposed to interface? Maybe you need to push the calls to your Lync number/account if you want to keep the headset connected to the computer.
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It's also possible that your Polycom is Bluetooth enabled and others are using BT headsets that have the "dual connectivity" feature and so can be paired to two devices (phone and computer).
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Since the Jabra headset isn't connected to the Polycom phone I suspect that there is a setting in Power Dialer to use the attached headset rather than connecting the call to the Polycom Phone.
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Turns out it was pretty simple. The person who was training me to answer the phone by pushing the headset button on the Polycom phone was not familiar with my newer Jabra headset. What I was supposed to do is to answer on my computer when it rang through there.
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