What article told of The Stars My Destination => The Fifth Element?
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Somewhere recently I read a listicle of films never made which were remade as something else? Either in a magazine or on the web, maybe another in it was Jack Kirby's Lord of Light designs which showed up in Argo but the part I'm interested in concerned artwork someone notable did for a never-made The Stars My Destination being the basis the future city in The Fifth Element. What was that article?
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According to the Wikipedia, the future city in The Fifth Element is based on _Circles of Power_ by Jeau-Claude Mezieres. Besson was so impressed with Mezieres's work, he changed his lead character Corban Dallas' job, which was to be a worker in a rocket factory, to a hover taxi driver.
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Luc Besson has talked about making a sequel to The Fifth Element that he has described as "a jailbreak in space" in some interviews, so I could see The Stars My Destination being the basis for a future sequel to The Fifth Element.
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The only thing I've heard of is Jodorowsky suing Besson over similarities to 'The Incal'
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Final update from the OP:
Finally got a general answer. Still haven't found that illustrated web-page listicle, but the artist in question was Neal Adams and the story of his involvement with the project is told in The Greatest Sci-fi Movies Never Made by David Hughes -- The Stars My Destination is the first chapter.
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