Present for someone into festivals, food, comics, drama and hospitality
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My lovely brother is graduating from university in southern California, and I'd like to get him something special, reasonably-priced, and memorable...that matches his interests...that I can order online or take home from Hong Kong, where I live.

He's into...

- festivals and events
- food
- comics and anime
- drama and acting
- being a host and organising parties, especially with cocktails!

I'd rather not get...

- cooking/food prep equipment or books - he has loads
- comics or anime - I've never really read any and couldn't judge

I'm intrigued by giving him...

- an experience
- a trip
- something unique


- under US $200

Purchase location:

- online (but that can deliver to southern California in the next ten days)
- Hong Kong

Thank you!
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Does Hong Kong still have the tailors who can make a suit fast, good and cheap? If they do, get his measurements and have a suit made for him. I know when I graduated from college I did not have the cash for a suit, and it's a great thing to have for job interviews (buttoned with a tie) and parties (unbuttoned without a tie).
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Get him a leather fanny pack filled with festival necessities like chapstick, sunblock, aspirin, sunglasses, and cash.
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A small lime tree in a pot? Because if I'm making cocktails, I want limes.

Money to go to ComiCon or Burning Man or something?

A California State Parks pass for a year appears to cost $195, but it says "day use", so it doesn't bestow free camping, unfortunately.
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If he's into drama and acting, would he enjoy improv classes? A lot of people I know have liked them. On a similar "experience" note, a lot of festival people like basic firespinning classes, which would probably be up his alley if he's a burner.

You might be able to commission his favorite comic artist for something or buy an existing original, although the time constraint may be a problem.

Maybe a new set of nice glassware and stone coasters for his next party?
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Maybe take him up the coast overnight? Like up to Big Sur? It's amazingly gorgeous up there. You can hit Morro Bay and SLO etc. on your way.
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