Travel China with a baby
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We want to see the parts that showcase China's natural beauty, what we couldn't see anywhere else, what will likely be gone by the time we return next time. But we are limited by traveling with a super flexible 2 year old, and we don't have a ton of time. What do you recommend?

My wife, my almost 2 year old daughter and I will be there in early June. We will be visiting family in Hong Kong, then going to Shanghai for a few days where we have free hotel. Finally we have another 3 nights in a fancy free hotel in Beijing before returning home. With family in Hong Kong and family ties to Shanghai, I don't think we'll be changing those. However we are open to day trips. Beijing is the one we're most open to swapping out entirely and going somewhere else instead.

I've seen pictures of stunning rural scenes, small villages, rice terraces, bamboo forests, etc that I know we won't see if we stick to the cities, and which may be gone in the next several years. Could we go somewhere else departing from Shanghai and only use one night in the Beijing hotel before flying out back to the states? I might be able to allocate 3 nights if we did that. My daughter travels well but a 12 hour bumpy awful bus ride probably isn't in the cards. Flights or modern trains are likely fine.

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