Public transit between SFO and Middletown, CA
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Is there any public bus, or other form of public transit, to get me from SFO to Middletown, California, and back again?
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Oof, not easily, but here's a route that does it (one way, obviously just do the reverse for the other way):

1) Take BART fro SFO to El Cerrito Del Norte station. You'll need to take a Pittsburgh/Bay Point train from SFO (it's the only option) and transfer at 19th Street Oakland to a Richmond Train.
2) Take Vine Transit Route 29 from El Cerrito Del Norte BART to Calistoga/Lincoln Bridge.
3) Take Lake Transit Route 3 from Calistoga/Lincoln Bridge up to Middletown.

You'll have to work out the timetables yourself... those two buses don't run super often of super late, so it will only work if the timing works.
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For a route that adds an extra step but may be a little more fun, you could take BART to Embarcadero station, then a ferry from the San Francisco Ferry Building to Vallejo, then follow the rest of brainmouse's route.
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Many years ago I remember taking a shuttle from SFO to Santa Rosa. I had a ride to Middletown from there, but you might be able to get an Uber or Lyft.
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You might be able to find a shorter route flying into Sacramento.
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There is an Airporter shuttle to Marin and to Santa Rosa. But yeah, that's not an easy itinerary. It's a pretty backwoods route.
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Hate to say this, but Middletown is middle of nowhere.

You have much better chance of getting to Calistoga or Santa Rosa, then work your way into MIddletown. Basically, what brainymouse said.

Given the time involved, I'd rather rent a car than rely on public transit. It may even be cheaper, even throwing in gas and whatnot if you rent a small econobox.
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