Purchasing & processing 35mm film in Paris
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I'll be in Paris for two weeks and I want to shoot some black & white film while there. I'd prefer to not bring film with me on the plane and instead buy and process my film while there.

Where in Paris can I go to buy film and get it processed?

Bonus: I'd LOVE a place that can process my film and also give me scans, even low-res ones, as an option.

My flat is in the 5th arrondissement, but I'll be able to get pretty much anywhere I need to get to :)
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Response by poster: Just as a clarification, I mean 35mm black and white film for stills, not video film :)
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Best answer: Check out these places:
Sels d'argent
Arka photlab
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Best answer: Atelier Publimod
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Response by poster: Thank you both! :)
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