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Can anyone suggest a personal trainer in PDX (Southeast area or Downtown) who has experience and is sensitive to working with overweight people that are extremely reluctant to exercise? Please explain why you recommend a particular one.
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Not exactly what you're asking but I've heard good things about Fat Yoga and I bet if you wrote them, they might have some suggestions of good trainers too.
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I can't speak to her work with the overweight specifically, but through work I've had the chance to take some small group classes with Meagan of TRU Footing. I've seen her work with folks of all sorts of activity and experience levels, and modify workouts to meet people where they are. I know that she also works with the elderly, people with injuries and others with limitations to exercise. She's warm and fantastically supportive. I'm not really a trainer person, but if she ever stops giving classes at my work, I would go out of my way to seek her out.
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