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I'm looking for a relaxing place to stay in Northern California for two nights in June. I have a few particular requirements. The first, which is non-negotiable: 1) Room must have a balcony or patio.

2) I'd like to be either in the mountains or on the coast. Not necessarily beach-front -- just in a coastal town. In a mountain town would also work -- doesn't have to be way out of the way. 3) Am willing to travel as far south as Kings Canyon or Big Sur-ish area, as far north as Ft. Bragg or Shasta. I'm near Sacramento, so east-west distance doesn't matter much. 4) Am looking for something more towards the luxury end than the rustic, although a nice cabin would work. (A standard motel would not.) 5) No shared bath. 6) Will spend up to $250/night.

This is a relaxing-after-a-stressful-year trip, and I find myself in the odd position of the balcony/patio being the deal breaker. I've spent time in most every location that's a possibility, so I'm not really looking for recommendations on places to go. What I'd like to find is a place to stay that meets the possibly too-picky requirements above.

Have you stayed anywhere that's like what I'm looking for?
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Best answer: Timber Cove Inn You also get a fireplace and soaking tub or jacuzzi in every room.
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Best answer: We stayed here once -- it's a B&B in Inverness, near Point Reyes. There's a deck facing Tomales Bay. Beautiful spot.
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Best answer: We used to stay at the Inn at the Cove, back when it was Shelter Cove. Private balconies overlooking the Pacific next to a quiet beach that felt private . You would need a car to get to the town of Pismo Beach, which could be a good or bad thing.
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I've had great luck with Airbnbs in the region you're aiming for. I like the privacy and the fact that I have a kitchen available for morning coffee or meals. I always pick places with a little yard or, at minimum, a balcony. Haven't had a dud yet.
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Best answer: I have also stayed at the Bodega Bay Lodge and loved it. Large rooms, many amenities and great views of Bodacious Bay.
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Best answer: Seconding Airbnb. Here's a random place I stayed south of Santa Cruz in a rural area a short walk from a beautiful beach. Huge deck, with comfy lounge chairs, has views of the ocean (and farms). But there are many, many more spots like this on Airbnb.
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Best answer: We had a lovely balcony looking out at the ocean at St. Orres in Gualala. Great food there, too. The place is just elegant enough to feel really special, while still feeling rustic and simple.
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Best answer: I've been to the Jenner Inn, with a balcony overlooking the mouth of the river as it flows out to sea, and it's nice... but if you are willing to be a little further away from the coast, and really need to relax, I would really recommend the Sequoia Beach Dreamery, which is on Cazadero Creek, right off the Russian River, but not in the crowded, touristy section. Very highly reviewed.

It's large, lush, secluded, with a zen garden and a lovely patio, which opens on to an outdoor shower built into a redwood tree, and hot tub overlooking the creek and the wooded mountains. Also a lovely view from the kitchen, looking out on the redwoods, the creek, and the mountain.

Mornings there are misty and magical... especially before the summer. Even in summer, it's cool because of the redwoods, with a beautiful diffuse light... but not wet and musty like some places in the woods can be. Deer and various wild animals are commonplace. Lovely place to go for a walk, too, with a lovely little bakery / artisan pizza place a short walk away. There are lots of lovely places to visit on day trips, but the place is so special, I tend to stay in for awhile to decompress, grabbing food at the bakery or dinner at the River's End, before doing day trips for things like fresh mussels, cheese, wine... Oh, and the owner always provides you with a lovely bottle of wine, for the first night.

It's $250 a night, and only $1330 per week with the Craigslist special, but it has two large beds, several large couches, and is really quite big... more of a house than a vacation rental. Big living room with a lovely fireplace, too. Lots of lovely zen touches to the whole place, inside and out. Stocked with nice, relaxing CDs and movies, too. They also have arrangements, if I remember right, in case you want to have a lovely private soak in the hot tub, followed by massage.

It's about a 10-20 minute ride to the coast, perhaps, and probably about the same going to Guerneville, which has lots of nice markets and restaurants... not that you'll particularly notice, because it's a lovely drive. There is absolutely nothing to be rushed or stressed about there. The only problem is, you might never want to leave. Two nights isn't long enough, sadly.

Really, for what you get, and the sheer size and relaxation of the place, it's quite special, and an amazing deal. Maybe enjoy it yourself for a couple days... then invite some people you really like to visit.
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Best answer: I stayed at the Beachcomber in Ft. Bragg on my honeymoon and had a great experience. It's a motel but definitely on the nicer side. Everything is new and higher end. It's at the top end of town near the bike path, so you can walk out into the wilderness area but still walk to town. We were there in July and it was very quiet.
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P.s. All the rooms have balconies looking out at the ocean. We saw a whale from ours!
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Best answer: These are all great suggestions -- thanks very much! I'm filing them away for next time (and looking forward to them). On the advice of a coworker I booked a room at the North Coast Country Inn in Gualala, which I think has the most positive Trip Advisor reviews I've ever seen.
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Response by poster: P.S.: In case anyone is interested, I found one in Tahoe that sounded decent as well. It has rooms with balconies overlooking the lake: Inn by the Lake. The rooms sounded a little more so-so than I'm looking for this time, but it's another that I'm putting on the next-time list.
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