Can an Ontario driver with a G2 license rent a car in ON or BC?
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Soon I'll have a G2 license, and I've got some questions about renting cars in Ontario, British Columbia, as well as potentially driving into Washington, Oregon, and California.

I've seen this question asked on Yahoo etc., but only by kids who are too young to rent anyway (I'm 34 years old).

1. Will I be able to rent a car in Toronto? If so, can I just do it through Expedia, or do I need to call and ask if a specific location will allow it? (Basically, if it's possible, is it super common or more dicey?)

2. Will I be able to rent a car while I'm in BC this July? I would still just have the Ontario G2--I wouldn't be there long enough to require converting it to a BC license.

3. If I could rent a car in BC, could I drive it into Washington, Oregon, and/or California with a G2 license?
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I have been able to do this with enterprise back in the day. You do need to call and ask rather than book online as you don't meet the "full license" requirement that's on their website's fine print.
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I have rented a car in Winnipeg with only a G1 licence and drove it to the USA a couple of times. BUT just because they give you the car and keys it doesn't mean everything is OK. If I had gotten into an accident for example the insurance company very well may have denied coverage leaving me in a lot of trouble.

I think it would be a good idea to call up the car rental agency directly and ask your questions to see what their policies are and once making sure that everything is OK then going on Expedia and book the car (or just book directly with them if you're both already talking on the phone).
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Best answer: I have no direct knowledge of whether this would be possible, but I would give the rental agency you are considering a call directly (local number) and ask.

Some useful information for you: A G2 is equivalent to an N (Class 7) driver's license in BC. (G1 = L, G2= N, G = Class 5).

I called ICBC to check for you about the licensing differences for visitors on a G2. All the restrictions on your G2 would also apply here (hours, passengers restrictions, blood alcohol, etc), but you do not need an N sticker displayed on the back of your car like the N drivers in BC.

No idea about the states though, sorry. Memail me if you want any other info, I live in the interior.
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I can't speak to the other provinces, but I've rented cars from both Budget and Discount with a G2 license.
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I rented a car in Ontario with a G1 a ton of times before the dude at Enterprise noticed it was a G1 and told me I can't actually rent a car with that, I need a G2. Then when I got my G2 they rented to me again. So you should be fine with a G2.
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I've had no problems whatsoever renting from Enterprise with my G2. Have probably rented about once a month for the past year without any concerns, and have had several multiple-day trips into the US without any problems.
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