does an android app exist that'll hold certain notifications til later?
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can you help me find an app to temporarily mute notifications for some apps while letting others come through? preferably one that will hold muted notifications and deliver them later?

after a lengthy and fruitless search through the Play store, I thought I might have better luck asking you smart people... i'm looking for an app for my android phone, that will allow me to push a button and have my phone allow certain notifications to bug me, while preventing others. I found a ton of Do Not Disturb apps, but they tend to stifle all phone activity.

for example, let's say I'm at work, and i want to be able to receive texts (because I'd only ever receive a text if it was from family, so might be urgent), but if my phone gets a notification from hangouts, Facebook, etc. I want it held until a certain prearranged time and then delivered.

does this exist? if so, does it require root? pls point me in the right direction, MeFi??
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Smart Notification. It has a Do Not Disturb mode, but it isn't the default. (I read a review here a few weeks ago and have been meaning to install it; thanks for the reminder!)
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What version of Android are you using? Android 5 Lollipop includes a priority notification mode that you might find useful.

Otherwise, you may be able to do this with Tasker, but it requires manual setup.
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Motorola's Moto X (2013 and later) has a MotoAssist with "Sleep" mode where it silences the phone, but if you get the contact from the same person twice within 5 minutes the phone will ring. And any one who's "favorited" in Contacts can always get through.
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