Get off of my cloud! (or at least stop downloading to my iPhone)
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Why do things (television episodes) I purchased years ago via iTunes keep popping up on my iPhone?

Many years ago, while traveling I purchased, via iTunes on my Ipad, 2 television episodes to watch on the plane ride home. I’m sure I enjoyed them at the time, but omg they have haunted me ever since then.
So, I purchased them via iTunes and watched them on my iPad. Great. The next time I updated my iPad, when viewing my iTunes interface on my PC, I saw them, but I unchecked them, and they went away from my iPad.
But every time I update my iPhone, they would download to it. So I deleted them from my iTunes (on my PC). But still, every time I updated my iPhone, it would attempt to d/l these two episodes. So, every time I updated my iPhone I would have to 1)plug into my PC and update iPhone 2) look at my updated iPhone, see that those freaking episodes of Bones and BSG are on it, and 3) delete them (via iTunes from my phone) and 3) re-sync
This weekend I got a new iPhone 6. I restored from the cloud, and those 2 episodes are now on my phone!!
I’m guess I’m just not understanding where everything is stored- the phone, the iPad, the cloud, iTunes on my PC, the ITunes store that remembers my purchases..gah.
How can I delete these purchases so they never d/l to any devices I own again?
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Do you think it might be the same thing that makes iPhones and iTouches occasionally decide to sync a bunch of deleted apps? I'm not sure if it's the same problem, but see if maybe these instructions could shed light on the problem, since I'm guessing it's just doing the same thing with purchased TV shows as it does for purchased apps.
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If you look at the episodes in the Video app, do they show as available for download (cloud-and-arrow icon on the right) or are they actually on the phone (blank space on the right)? If the latter, you should be able to swipe left and delete them.
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