Spore-like space games?
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I really dug the space stage in Spore, and I'm looking to scratch that itch. Are there any awesome low-intensity, exploration based space games out there?

I liked the ease of control. I liked the exploration. I like that it rewarded whatever you chose to do by making you better at doing that thing. I liked tooling around the galaxy dropping some animals here, selling some spice there, and so on. It definitely lacked depth but the openness and lowkey, simple gameplay made it fun to zone out in.

I'm looking for something similar, preferably with a bit more depth. I'm scanning the Space tag on Steam but just seeing lots of what either appear to be tactical focused games or unforgiving simulations. I just want to zoom around and do missions or trade or terraform. I don't hate combat but the less intensely tactical the better.
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Elite: Dangerous
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Space Engine isn't a game exactly but I love it and you might too. It's just a gigantic, procedurally-generated model of the universe you can explore at your leisure.
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It's a little older, but I love Freelancer. There's a lot of mods available as well with additional content and to strip out the storyline, leaving you with a vast universe to explore, resources to mine, relics to find, and faction relations to balance.

You're a single ship that you upgrade over time. No terraforming, but there's plenty of trading available. The original missions get old quick, but again there are mods with much more variation.

I ended up also using a mod so I didn't have to worry about dying, which lets you pretty much ignore space battles if you don't enjoy them.
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Best answer: Keep your eye on No Man's Sky.
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Response by poster: Oh... Oh my. That will destroy my life. Thanks!
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Elite:Dangerous models the entire galaxy. Yep, 400 billion star systems to explore. It's... pretty amazing, and a bunch of us over at MefightClub have been playing it (although I've kind of dropped away recently, thanks to GTA V and limited gaming time available).

But yeah, No Man's Sky is hopefully going to be at least as astonishing.
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