Who signed this baseball?
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Who signed this baseball?

I bought a baseball at a yardsale-type thing today for $1.25. I've identified the ball to be an 1993/1994 American league ball, so hopefully that can narrow down the search.

The first name could be Paul, Pol, Pal, Poe.. maybe others. The last name the only letter I'm sure about is the 'L' in the middle, it could start with R or B, the next letter could be an A or U, and the third letter is probably an E.

I'm hoping at least one member of the hive mind knows something about baseball players' signatures or is skilled at deciphering hand writing.
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Best answer: Pat Borders, catcher for the Montreal Expos in 1993 (I looked at Canadian teams first based on your location). Compare his other signatures here. Sigs on baseballs are typically sloppier than ones on something flatter. He didn't cross that T very often.
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Best answer: I'm not so sure that's an L. I mean, it could be, but not necessarily.

I think it might be Pat Borders.
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Yeah, here's a Pat Borders ball on eBay with certificate. Looks right.
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Response by poster: Thank you beagle and phunniemee, I was sure that was an L.
And thank you Corex for fixing the image links. I'll be more careful next time.
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Umm, Pat Borders played for the Toronto Blue Jays, not the Montreal Expos. And he was the World Series MVP in 1992, and on the World Series-winning team again in 1993.

I mean, I doubt it has any great value, but it's not just some random ball player.

Give you $5 for it?
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