Garmin GPS Waypoint Drama
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Is there some awesome software to help import finicky .shp files onto a Garmin 62st?

I'm having trouble getting .shp files uploaded onto my Garmin GPSmap 62st from my PC (Windows 7) as waypoints. I've tried DNRGarmin software and had no luck. I go through all of the steps to upload, the software GUI tells me that the waypoints have uploaded successfully, but the points are not displayed in the waypoints menu on the Garmin. Any suggestions for alternative software that may help? I am also trying to use BaseCamp, but it seems that I need to convert my files into .gbd format, which I don't know how to do in ArcGIS. Any help? It's a lot of data points that I do not really want to enter manually.
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Check out Ozi Explorer.
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The lingua franca of GPS is GPX. You should be able to save as GPX from Arc, then import using Basecamp.

Note that GPX has very few fields for waypoints - typically: name, description, elevation, point symbology (device dependent, often limited) - so you have you pick what you include carefully. The general-purpose GPS data tool is GPSBabel, but it doesn't support SHP.
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Working from ArcMap seems to require a third-party tool. Since DNRGarmin *seems* to upload, I have a specific suspicion; projection mismatch. Features-not-being-displayed happens a lot when the 'normal' projection being used by the client is different than the data's projection (or datum). I suggest you re-project the data in ArcMap then try again. Use GCS-WGS 1984, Platte-Caree (unprojected), which i dunno but i'll bet you a bazillion dollars is what your commercial unit uses by default.

The lingua franca of GPS is GPX NMEA. GPX is a commercial portability 'standard', unsupported by any formal standards body.

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Tried Ozi as well - thanks for the tip though, Snazzy :) - so I can see the points on my PC, but I can't figure out how to get them onto my GPS
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GPS Visualizer's convert tools might work.

G7 To Win, is defunct but it too might work.
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GPS almost always assume WGS84/lat-long/4326/dd.dddd° whatever you want to call it.

The GPSMap 62 is a mass storage device, so just connect it, and plop files into the GPX folder. I have a Nüvi, and it just works.

Someone doesn't know what lingua franca means …
/infuriatingly_correct ☺

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i'll agree to disagree, scruss ;-) i still say GPS speaks NMEA.

On the other hand, the consumer-electronics-user-facing- data-format-of-data-not-actually-transmitted-by-the-satellites- of-the-global-positioning-system-constellation-but-instead-used-in- conjunction-with-that-GPS-data is GPX./myAnnoyingDerail ;-)

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