How spoilery are the Battlestar Galactica podcasts?
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I'm working my way through BSG (just started season 3) and I've learned of the existence of Ronald D. Moore's BSG podcasts (details here). How spoilery are they? Should I wait until I've finished the series to dive in, or is it safe to listen episode to episode?
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Best answer: It's been a long time since I listened to them, but as I recall, each one is pretty in-depth on an episode/group of episodes.

I wouldn't listen to them ahead of your viewing schedule. It might be best to watch an episode, then listen to the related podcast, which is how I did it during the airing of the show.

They provide a really great view into how TV gets made, and how that writer's room worked.
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I got spoiled by Ron Moore's podcasts and was so disappointed by the ones done by other creatives for Caprica that it contributed to me dumping that show after a few episodes.
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Best answer: As I understand it the podcast for any given episode was released after the episode had aired.

Watch Episode --> Listen to Podcast ---> Become more fixated and addicted --> Watch Episode, and so on.
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Best answer: It's been a while but there's no spoilers as I remember and they're pretty entertaining. Moore tends to drink during them and gets a little tipsy by the end of some of them.
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I was thinking I rememember them being designed to watch with the episode. But maybe I'm thinking of another show?
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I think COD's right. They were commentaries released after each episode. Moore talked while watching the finished episode. I recall beeps for commercial breaks.
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Best answer: It's safe to listen to the podcast for each episode, after watching that episode. Moore doesn't spoil future episodes.
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