Where is the best shopping in Tokyo for amazing/ridiculous baby stuff?
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Clothes, toys, whatever. Not interested in American or European designer goods, I can get that stuff anywhere and I'm not really looking for $100 onesies.
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LOFT, Tokyu Hands, and MUJI.
*Wistful sigh....*

Any department store, too.
I hate shopping and bars... except in Japan!
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For toys: Kiddy Land on Omotesando Street.
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There are lots of "amazing" things that you can get at regular baby shops like nishimatsuya or akachanhompo.

When our kids were newborns instead of onesies they had these small robe-type outfits which you tied together with built in laces. Really good for getting a perfect fit and no fasteners to worry about.

Paper liners for cloth diapers do a great job of keeping solid matter from getting into the inserts making them much easier to clean.

Hanamizutotte lets you suck the booger out of a kids nose without worrying about it getting into your mouth. Kids hate it though.

Probably the most "amazing" Japanese kids things we have are the song books where you press a button and it will actually play the whole song.

Akachanhompo has tons of Anpanman stuff. Personally I think all kids should be exposed to Anpanman. We have an Anpanman piano book (ie a book with a piano keyboard built in) and the piano is a lot better than I would have expected. It only has an octave or so but you can press multiple keys at once and it has an easy mode that will play the right sound no matter which key you press.

My 9 month old son's coolest outfit is from Super Boo Homes. Is it a brand or a store I don't know, but I am sure you can get it in Tokyo. My now 3 year old daughter had a crazy jacket from Grand Grand when she was younger but I don't know if they're in anymore.

For more high-end things department stores are great, but not all are equal. On my last trip I ended up spending a lot of time at Isetan because it was convenient, and the selection was OK. I had briefly passed through the kids floor in a different department store on the way to a Moomin exhibit in Osaka and it seemed like the best floor ever. If I had the time and suitcase space I would probably have spent an unwise amount there. I don't remember seeing any worthwhile baby stuff at Loft/Muji/Tokyu Hands though, and those are the places I tend to frequent the most.
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Tokyu Hands is a very fun shop. There's one in Shibuya that's very accessible.

There was also a small shop of Studio Ghibli things just to the side of Kaminarimon in Asakusa where I bought a Totoro rattle for my then baby nephew. Nakamise Doori is also full of silly things to buy and assorted toys.
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Also, check 100 yen Daiso shops.
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