How can I quit playing the Bards Tale?
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I picked up a Mac Classic at a rummage sale a while ago, and it has a whole mess of games. I started one called "The Bard's Tale", but I can't exit out of it!

There's no quit or exit menu option, no obvious quit buttons or UI widgets, 'q' and open-apple q does nothing... and my google fu is weak, as I can find lots of info online about this game, but nothing on how to quit playing it. Does anyone remember the magic key combination to exit out of this game?
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Apple-period kills a current running process. I think apple-option-esc was the other.
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Oh--apple-period takes a few times (or maybe I was just always impatient); apple-option-esc was the more drastic response that forced a reboot.

You might find this list of shortcuts for OS 9 and earlier useful.
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Maybe your copy is corrupt. I just downloaded it from here and ran it under Classic on my iMac. It has a File menu with quit in it. Maybe you should get a fresh copy.
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Hmm... maybe. But I'm not in the beginning portion of the game, where you pick a character, I'm actually playing the game itself. When I picked a character the menus changed around and that's when I think lost the quit option. (The game still may be corrupt though.)

I tried Apple-period and that did nothing. I'd try apple option escape but I don't have an escape key on my keyboard. I can get back to the finder but I can't shut down or restart; finder tells me that the shutdown cannot complete because the application "bardstale" cannot quit.

I'm running System 7.1 if that helps.
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Apple-stop does *not* quit a process, it does the same thing as pressing "escape".

Option-Apple-Escape will only work on System 7 or better -- check About This Macintosh in the Apple Menu to see what your Classic is running.

As for the question, tellurian has it. My Bard's tale also has menus. If you download a fresh copy and it still works, try:

  • Rebuilding the desktop (hold down command and option on startup, after the "welcome to Macintosh" goes away and before the Finder appears.

  • Booting from the Rom disk (hold down option apple x o and turn the Mac on) and run the game. If it runs OK, the problem is with your system. Investigate/reinstall it.

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    Alternatively, install Macsbug, and when you want to quit the game, press the programmer's switch, type "es" and press return. That does the same thing as option-apple-esc.
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    You have to go to the inn to quit and save Bard's Tale.
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    Hahahahah, d'oh. krisjohn wins.
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    If it's a classic, there should be a interrupt button on the side or back, you might need a paper clip to hit it. I think it has a thunderbolt icon. That should force quit the app. I think so. It's next to the reset button, which you might also need a paperclip to trip. (This is all from my blurry-ass memory.)
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    (the interrupt button doesn't do that. It brings up the debugger window, or Macsbug, if it's installed)
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    Don't get stuck in the Temple of the Mad God.
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    Well, I tried to go to an Inn, but I couldn't save or quit from the Inn I went to (the Dragon's Grog, or something like that). I was about to give up when I noticed the escape key down near the space bar. WTF is it doing down there? Anyway, apple-option-esc quit out of the running process (it did *not* force a reboot). For curiosity's sake, I started it again and it did have a quit menu option in the character selection screen.

    So is there only one inn I can save from? Because I downloaded a map of the city off the internet and it looks like there are a bunch of inns in the city.
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    Sorry, the_W, I guess my brain had a stack dump some time between skimming that page and posting. :-/ I'm glad you found a solution though.
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    If you don't have MacsBug installed, and force quit doesn't work, you can hit the interrupt button on the side, and then type:

    SM 0 A9F4
    G 0

    Ah, good ol' user-friendly Macs!
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    There are relatively few save/quit points. They're all inns, but I don't if every inn works. I gave up on the game because there was a really long bit where you had to get in to some hard area and back out to the inn to save and it meant you had to play for about four hours straight, minimum, between saves.

    In fact, that's the main thing I remember about Bard's Tale.
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    Bard's Tale 3 was better.
    posted by kaseijin at 11:48 AM on November 25, 2005

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