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How do I stop having to get a new password each time I sign into my Tumblr account? How can I give access to another person to the account?

Each time I sign in my original password is not accepted. I then go through the process of gettingg a new password. I sign out. Sign in later and have to repeat the process over. Some of you may say, 'Keep the site open" I need to exit so a friend can redesign the site.

This leads to my second question. Is there a way I can give 2 people access to the site (my designer and I) so it will be open for both of us?
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I suspect Tumblr sees a second person logging into your account from a different location/IP address and thinks it is suspicious/unwanted activity, so they are asking you to reset your password out of an overabundance of caution.

You don't need to "keep the site open" but you ("you") should be able to log into Tumblr from multiple computers at once. Are you logging out every time, or telling Tumblr not to remember your password when you login?
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That's what I thought as well but I am currently logged in at home, at work, and on an ipad, all of which are different IPs and locations. I guess it might be more of a flag if it's in wholly different regions of the world or even just one country rather than within 20 blocks in the same city, though.

If you both need simultaneous editing access to the "edit appearance" section of the settings it might be simpler in the long run to do it with something like LogMeIn or similar which lets one person see the other's desktop and active windows.
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Are you using Ghostery? If you are, pause the blocking while you log in to Tumblr; that should fix it. (Ask me how I know. Sigh.) You can turn blocking back on again after.
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I, too, am logged into tumblr from different devices in different locations. Do you have some browser plugins installed that could be messing with things? Have you tried logging in from different browsers, computers, locations?

You can create group blogs on tumblr, but they have to be secondary, see under "Group Blogs" here. If you give your designer admin status, she should be able to edit the theme.
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