Making your own totobobo filters?
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I live in a city with lots of traffic and air pollution, and I cycle to work in heavy traffic. I started wearing a Totobobo face mask while cycling to reduce the amount of gross stuff I'm forced to breathe during my commute. Thing is, those damn little filters look the same as a cotton pad, but they are 10-20x more expensive. Has anyone tried making/DIYing their own Totobobo filters?

Or, anyone with scientific opinions on how bad/good of an idea this would be?
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I really doubt that something that looks like cotton wool looks the same as cotton wool under a microscope. Have you seen this page comparing pollution masks? They all have different efficiencies, which answers your question.
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Great link, gorcha, and the answer seems pretty clear - you'd be much better off (both money-wise and lung-wise) with a 3M 9501 than with a Totobobo.
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Some masks and respirators are made to pass government standards. If cotton pads met a standard, they'd be used.

DIY? With a sharp disk cutter of the correct size, one could punch disks out of a reusable mask. I don't know if that would that be cost effective.
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