Help identify this song used in a British TV show.
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Can you identify this song from this short clip of its intro and a partial first line? More details (including possible lyrics) inside.

To me it sounds like CHVRCHES, but I don't recognise the song. Sorry the clip is quiet - I recorded it off my TV. (I'd actually recommend the link below - better quality). It comes from The Classic Car Show, S01E09, around 7 minutes, Channel 5, UK

Someone on Reddit pulled the entire song, uploaded the MP3 and then had a go at transcribing the lyrics.

ive not been like this long
when i sing your song
every time i hear
there's nothing ever near
when you're nearer me
and you're calling my name
when you touch me.

Other thoughts are Grimes, Goldfrapp, Computer Magic... Come on Metafilter! Let's prove that we're still better than Reddit!
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Response by poster: Here's the link:
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Pretty sure it's not CHVRCHES. Lauren's got a very distinctive Central Scottish accent.
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Best answer: Just heard back from the production company that made the show: "Unfortunately the music you are talking about is production library music. It's not a track like a commercial music that you can buy, it's just meant for background music for TV broadcast."

So that's the end of that then!
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