Best current ways to sync Outlook and gmail?
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I know this is a common problem and there used to be a Google utility for it, but what are the best current methods? I'm on a standard corporate Windows/exchange network, though with a fairly helpful/flexible IT department. I don't need/want my Google Calendar events on my work calendar, but I would like to have the work events in google (ideally as a separate calendar from my personal one, since they can be overlaid).
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Ugh, the question was unclear -- I'm only trying to sync calendars, not email. Mods please feel free to modify if it would be helpful. Sorry about that.
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I paid for gsyncit for this purpose and it works great.
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I do this by exporting the calendar from outlook (commas separated values for windows) and then importing that file into google calendar. Takes a few steps, but pretty easy to do. Exact steps may depend on the version of outlook you're using.
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Sign up for a office 365 Exchange account.
Outlook only works properly with an up to date exchange server.
Its only $4 per month...
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It's not syncing but I ended up adding my Google iCal feed URL to Outlook.

It's read only (so you have to make any modifications in Google Calendar) but the best I can do considering that installing any kind of unapproved software is a no no at work.
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You can try publishing your Outlook calendar to a webdav server, then subscribe to the resulting calendar feed in GCal. See this page for details:

It should show up as a separate calendar in GCal, but it will be one-way only. You have to add/edit from Outlook, you can't make changes from Google and have them show up in Outlook.
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If you are looking for free with minimal fuss then you will like OutlookGoogleSync It is open source and works just fine. It syncs my outlook calendar to gcal easily with minimal background noise. I suggest it as a login item if you are a very heavily scheduled. It has a manual process. I coordinate things between my mac, pc, mobile devices and cloud. This has been a handy tool.
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