what products can I get OTC in Europe that require a RX in the U.S.
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What products can I get over the counter (OTC) in Europe that require a prescription in the U.S.?
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In some countries (France, Germany, Spain, etc.) B-12 for injection.
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You can by Mucosolvan (mucus thinner/cough medicine) OTC in Europe, but it's not FDA approved for the US.
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All of these are going to be country-specific. The UK has behind-the-counter sales (have to ask a pharmacy staff member, but don't need a prescription) for certain allergy medicines (e.g. Beconase/ beclomethasone), low-dose codeine-and-something-else painkillers, low-dose pseudoephedrine decongestants among other things.
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Do they have Robaxacet there? That's the brand name of Methocarbamol in Canada. Great for muscle spasms and strains. Not available without a prescription in the U.S.
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Domperidone was a pharmacy medicine in the UK until last September, and is still available without a prescription in several countries. It's a good anti sickness medicine, but there are concerns about cardiac morbidity which have reduced the dose I'm prescribed.

But as far as I know, there's nothing in Europe as useful as the US's melatonin.
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In France you can get tylenol and codeine without a prescription. Basically Tylenol-3.
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There are supposedly superior sorts of sunscreen with higher SPF available in Europe that the FDA has not approved.
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50 or so countries in Europe. Each country has its own laws.

To answer your question, have to know where specifically you'll be
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Antibiotics, generally.
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I don't believe you can get antibiotics without a prescription anywhere. It would be a horrible mistake for public health.
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Albuterol asthma inhalers.

In my country your pharmacist acts as an unofficial doctor and people often ask them for diagnostic advice instead of going to their real physician. They've been cracking down on the antibiotics thing, though.
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In my experience, here in Romania you can get pretty much anything over the counter. Sometimes they say "Well this is supposed to be prescription only..." but then give it to me when I smile sweetly & explain that I don't have a family doctor here. This includes antibiotics, strong anti-histamines & (several years ago now) strong pain killers for post - operative pain relief.

tl:dr This is very country specific.
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