Where can I buy sterile glycerin (national chain/Boston area)?
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Anyone aware of a national chain, or someplace in Boston that carries sterile glycerin for personal lubrication purposes? I've tried Walgreens and Rite-Aid thus far with no luck.
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There are lots of personal lubricant options at Good Vibrations in Coolidge Corner. If it's really being used as a personal lubricant then what's being sold at GV is as sterile as it needs to be.
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Response by poster: That's a good tip – thanks! Although for my purposes, the lab is checking my swimmers – thus the need for it to be sterile!
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Sorry but is this for fertility testing (TTC) or post-snip analysis(TNTC)? Because while the lab may tell you to use glycerine lube, they are normally testing post-vas. For fertility testing, the standard is no spit, no lube.
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Response by poster: Fertility testing . . . the instructions explicitly state no lubrication--except for sterile glycerin.
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Is there a chance that you can use a fertility-friendly lube like Pre-Seed?
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You could ask the lab. You are probably not the first person to have trouble finding it.
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Is food-grade considered sterile as well ? (since when it's used in icing, if there are bugs in it, you aren't cooking it, and giving it a good growth medium)
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