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Am looking for a free six-week-ahead online calendar. I currently use Backpackit calendar but the company stopped supporting it a few years ago plus it costs me $12/month. When I open Backpackit the calendar default view is the next six weeks. I find this incredibly useful. I have not yet found another online calendar that shows anything other than one month at a time. Any suggestions?
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For a mobile option, Touch Calendar has a free version and lets you scroll that far ahead.
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30 boxes
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You can easily set Google Calendar to do this. On the little picture of the calendar at the top left of the screen, just drag your mouse over however many weeks you want to view.
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30Boxes is the last week, current week, and 3 next weeks, if that works for you. A caution, it's not supported either, so the mobile view has been broken for months. At least it's free.

I can't get GCal to show me 6 weeks. I can only select through the end of the current month, and that's not the default so I'd have to select it every time anyway.
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