Where to buy a cocktail dress in NYC?
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I'm buying my girlfriend a vintage or vintage-inspired cocktail dress for her birthday. We're in NYC. Where are some good places to shop?

Some more details:
- Looking for '20s or '30s styles especially but not set on it; all suggestions are welcome!
- Would love recommendations of consignment or second-hand stores (but ones that specifically have a good selection of formalwear!)
- Trying to find something classy but unique (isn't everyone?)
- Budget around $300.
- Don't worry, this isn't a surprise, we are shopping together and she'll be able to try things on and pick what she likes. On that note, the trying-on part is crucial for her so I don't think buying online will be super productive.

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Ok, 20s and 30s vintage dresses are basically impossible to find and I've only found a few pieces online or straight up luck.

There's a fantastic vintage store in the Lower East Side. I am totally blanking on the name, it's on Orchard, and I think it'd David something? It's right next to Mission Chinese's old location.

That being said it's not that hard to stumble upon vintage stores, they're all over the place. In my experience as long as you are looking more vintage store, not consigment they will have at least a few cocktail/more formal pieces.
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Check out Fashion IQ, it is an online NYC fashion blog. A few months ago there was a piece about shopping for vintage clothing, and gently used.
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