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How can I obtain copies (screenshot or cache) of government officials' websites as they appeared a week, two weeks, a month ago?

Is Google's cached website feature about the best I can do? Does Google retain multiple versions of cached data and, if so, how can I retrieve the various versions?
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You can also try Here is their history of, though they didn't have old copies of that one linked in your question.
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I don't know whether goverment officials are bound by official information laws, or whether US laws are similar to ours, but you can request previous versions of government websites under official information requests. Here in New Zealand they have to keep snapshots of websites several times a week and diffs between versions, etc.
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How about the wayback machine?
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The wayback machine is, phredhead.

Unfortunately they have drastically cut back on the frequency of their updates. I find many pages haven't been archived since 2004 or even 2003, and very few that have been archived in the last year, period.

I sent mail asking what was up, if it was simply a money issue (/obvious), but they never got back to me. It's a huge shame if this service can't be maintained.

*resigns self*
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dhartung, I know there's been a small team rewriting their web crawler from the ground up -- the old one couldn't keep up with the number of web pages out there. I'm not sure where the project stands at the moment, but they were looking to improve the index with a more robust crawler.
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The Internet Archive is kept, by design and contract, a minimum of six months behind. It's useless for "a week, two weeks, a month ago" searches.
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