Please help me locate an old New Yorker cartoon
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Not sure how to search for old New Yorker cartoon?

I don't remember the words of the caption. It was a favorite of mine; I had it framed on the wall, but took it down awhile ago and can't find it.

The cartoon depicts a commuter train filled with characters who look as if they belong on the Orient Express. It features a conventionally dressed businessman asking the conductor something like, "I take it this is not the 6:10 to Bridgeport" or something similar.

The idea is similar to this one: a little different.

Thanks so much, fellow cartoon aficionados!
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Did you try the New Yorker's own Cartoon Bank? Searching under "train" gives quite a lot of results...
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Response by poster: Yes, BlahLaLa, I did; that's where I found the other cartoon, but had no luck with the Orient Express characters cartoon. Thanks for your answer.
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This one has the situation inverted, but memory is weird, so posting just in case.
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Did you try calling that number? I wonder if they can/will help.
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It's a Charles Addams, your recollection is pretty close, the caption is "No, this is not the 12:38 to Bridgeport." It appears on page 279 of the "The World of Charles Addams" collection.
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Here's the image:
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Here's the one justkevin mentioned.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much! I appreciate everyone's time in looking.
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