Oddly shaped photo prints
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Do you know who would print my low quality, oddly shaped digital photos for me?

My partner and I had a quick little wedding ceremony a few months ago, with just us, the officiant, and two witnesses. No photographer in tow. We got some pretty cool pictures anyway, from a cheap camera and a cheap phone camera, that I played with using a Windows program. Mainly, the pictures are now cropped to unconventional proportions, and I'd love to have them printed and custom framed... or something. For now, I just need to get them printed.

Any recommendations for my next move? I'm, uh, clueless here. Thanks!!
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How unconventional? Butterfly shaped? Space ship? Fish? or rectangle?
You can probably alter them with photo editing software and have some black (or alternative) on the sides of it as filler to make it an easily printable proportion.

Most printing houses offer a wide range of aspect ratios, I suggest checking a few local ones to see what they can offer.

Since the quality is low any way you could to to walmart, crop the image as needed (they could probably do that for you) and have a basic set of photographs.
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I believe that anywhere that prints digital photos (ex. Adorama) allows you to print the full image on any size photo paper. If you choose this full image option, instead of cropping the image, you will get your entire photo with a "letterbox" effect - white borders on two sides - and can trim off the white edges before you frame the photos. As FallowKing says, lots of aspect ratios are available, so just pick the print sizes that best match the sizes you want and the aspect ratios of your images.
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I had a good experience with SnapBox, they only do standard sizes but I just added white edges to bring my photo up to a standard size and then got the framed fine art paper prints, which have a white border (rather than a mat) anyway. Quite affordable, and the result looked really nice. If you want to spend a bit more, you could also get the photos printed with a border and then make custom mats to fit standard-size frames, which is something I often do (there are a lot of places online that'll do custom mats, and much much cheaper than somewhere like Michael's).
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Perfectposters.com lets you select any dimensions; despite the name, you can print as small as 5"x7". You can also get them mounted or framed.
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