Recommend a web design firm for a retail web site
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webdesignFilter: Help! I need recommendations for a web company to design and build a retail website with e-commerce and content management. Bonus points for an NYC-based company. Even more bonus points for something somewhat affordable.
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discokitty, I was going to email you (I think my response would be more appropriate via email), but you don't have an address in your profile. In any case, I do freelance web design/development, and I live in NYC. If you're interested in my help, drop me a line (check my profile for my address).
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I have some experience with Cuesta Technologies. They're not NYC-based, but they're great to work with, and they do a good job with easy-to-use content management and have a pretty robust catalog/e-commerce setup. I don't think they're very expensive, but I don't have that good a sense of the going rate.
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I have been doing online content work for the last seven years or so, and I live in NYC, so I happen to know a lot of people and small companies who do this kind of thing.

I have no idea what you mean by affordable, but you should of course be thinking in terms of a total budget rather than an hourly rate. There are professionals who can do the job much much more quickly, and thus at a lower cost, than people who are new to the business and will be cheaper per hour. A pro solution will also probably be a better fit for your business.

Feel free to email me as well (see profile). If you want to give me a ballpark estimate of the scope and/or budget of your project, I can give you more targeted recommendations. If you don't I can give you more general information about two or three full-service companies (small ones but with excellent records and references).
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I do freelance, if you're interested...

I host, as well.
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Another rep for freelance work from a group of experienced folks (designer, web developer, app developer, seo, etc.). Email's in profile.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. I'll be in touch in the next few days.
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