Story about searching for the origin of a joke
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I remember reading a short story years ago where a guy tries to find the origin of a joke, who told who told who etc. He ends up in this hidden valley in the Rockies where there is a secret society busy making jokes and letting them loose into the world. Because he found them, he gets to join... Any MeFi know what the name and/or author is? Mucho Thanks
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Best answer: Richard Matheson, The Splendid Source
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There was definitely also a sitcom episode that had this as its premise, although it could have been a spoof of the short story.

I'm embarrassed to say, I think it was Family Guy
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And in the Not-The-Answer-But-Vaguely-Related File: there is a loosely similar sub-plot in Will Ferguson's novel Happiness, which is hilarious.
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And a recent SMBC comic.
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Ah ha.
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