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Is it possible to capture still images from a DVD movie in a standard graphics format? Looking to save images of antique cars from old movies.
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I've definitely done this with WinDVD. What platform/software are you using?
posted by justkevin at 1:03 PM on November 22, 2005

A long way would be to play the movie on a dvd rom drive, take a screenshot, and save it in your preferred photo editing software as a jpg.
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If you have a Mac, use VLC to play the DVD, and Apple's built in screen capture to take the pictures.
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You can do it with any number of video players. Media Player Classic, for instance, can capture images in JPG format just by pressing CTRL+8.
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Instructions for different software here:
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Response by poster: Hi

I would be using on two systems., a 98SE and an XP Pro
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I do this with WinDVD also :)
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I think with all the programs suggested, you could do it on both 98SE and XP Pro.
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I would be amazed if VideoHelp didn't have umpteen tutorials on getting images out of a DVD. Some instructions will be over-the-top and others simple, though probably not as simple as the capture option many playback pieces of software have.
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VLC for whatever operating system you use. It's incredible
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I second VLC.

It'll play anything, and frame captures work flawlessly.
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VLC does not (seem to) have frame-by-frame advance.
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