Make-up white whale: Fresh brand face shimmer?
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I'm looking for a product I bought at Sephora within the last four years that is no longer there or on the website (or any website, apparently) and I don't remember the name of it, only the brand: Fresh.

I am not a heavy make-up user, but I have a few favorites and when I find them I cling to them like a lifeboat. Unfortunately, this boat may have sank...I cannot find this product online anywhere and because I don't remember the name, only the brand (which is turning out to be kind of difficult to google), I haven't been able to successfully hit up any of those discontinued brand sites to see if I can find it. Here is what I can remember about it, and if you can help, my face will totally appreciate it. If this product is lost to time, but you remember it and know an alternate that is pretty close, I would appreciate suggestions as well!

-The brand is Fresh, the same brand that makes the Sugar Rose lip treatment.
-It was in a tube like their Soy Face Cleanser is now. Pretty sure the tube came in a box, but could be mistaken.
-It was, I'm not sure if it was a moisturizer or illuminator, but it kind of worked like both and I'm pretty sure it was for the face only, not really an all over the body type thing.
-It was not tinted. When you squirted it out of the tube, it appeared very white and kind of shiny.
-When applied, it was like a really great light face cream, and it had a bit of shine to it. It was subtle, but made my skin appear brighter.
-It was not branded as any kind of age-defying or color correcting anything. I thought it was just called "face shimmer" but that doesn't sound right.
-It was probably in $30 to $50 range in price, and it was a pretty good sized tube, lasted quite awhile.

I know I bought it within the last four years or so, but this brand has expanded a lot since then. When I purchased it, mostly all they had was the Sugar lip stuff and a few other things. This item was one of those few other things. I checked out all the stuff they carry at Sephora today, but none of their new products appeared to be anything like this at all...everything seems to be more targeted at specific things like eye creams and masks and age-defying lotion. This was a much more general kind face product.
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Best answer: Fresh Twilight Freshface Glow? Looks to be discontinued but I still see it on eBay. I don't use this sort of stuff, but try searching for luminizing or highlighter creams.
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Benefit High Beam is more of a spot-highlighter, but might be a suitable replacement? I like it a lot, myself.

A search for "luminizer" brings up a lot of similar products.
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Best answer: Fresh Twilight Freshface Glow might be it, but if not, you could try the category search on BeautyPedia for Face Shimmer to find things that are currently being sold.
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Response by poster: That's it acidic and asperity! Thank you both for remembering the hopefully I can find something similar somewhere for a reasonable amount of coin. It's just hard to find luminizer type stuff that isn't so heavy handed on the shine.
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Never used the Fresh product, but can heartily recommend RMS Living Luminizer as a replacement. No glitter, just a subtle sheen. It's also all natural, has received a ton of kudos, and while not cheap--$38-- the little pot lasts ages (confession, mine is about 2 y.o and I have'nt gotten through 1/2 of it. Technically, I should probably toss it, but it still is fine and hasn't bothered my skin).
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Try the Nars radiance enhancing light optimizing primer. Even though it's a primer, there's no reason you can't wear it alone. It's got a subtle sheen - and SPF!
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Response by poster: Thanks for the tip, matildaben. I have several other Nars products that I really like and use daily, so I will have to give that one a try.
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