Maru and Hana are hogging all the best Cat Toys
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Where can I buy the cat tower shown in these photos?

mogumugu is making me look bad, my cats are jealous, every day it's another amazing looking cat toy or cat related piece of furniture. Specifically, I am trying to locate the multi-colored cat tower with what looks like cozy nooks for sleeping in shown in the links above.

I know mogumugu often gets things from Amazon Japan, but I have searched that site as much as I can, given my lack of Japanese, with the English feature turned on, and gone through dozens and dozens of pages without spotting it. I similarly searched through Rakuten, and Google in general, but the only thing that comes up with keyword and image searches is Maru and Hana related. Some of the sites have sort of square boxes with holes that go up in a tower, but they look cheaper and not as nice.

Any ideas, or is this just something you would have to live in Japan to buy your cats?
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Heh, there really is a pressing need for a "awesome shit that Maru and Hana have" blog with links to buy and everything. I was only able to find the Replus Play square towers that I think you mention in your question, unfortunately (although I did find the cute felt bed).
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Those beds are all over etsy. I saw similar towers once at a small independent pet shop but they are now out of business.
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I wasn't able to find it in a quick browse of Modern Cat, but you might see something you like even better over there, or they might be able to help you look.
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Many people in Japan use the online shopping website Rakuten like people in the US/UK/Canada use Amazon. So that's always the first place I look.

Cat towers have their own category at rakuten. While browsing, I found:

A square tower

taller one

If the shop won't deliver overseas, you'll have to use a fowarding service like I have no idea how much this will cost you, but they can give you some idea.
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