What are your experiences with GreenPath?
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A friend of mine with credit card debt and debt to the IRS is considering using GreenPath's credit counseling services, but is understandably wary, fearing being preyed upon because of her debt situation. She asked me to research the company and see if it sounded at all like a scam to me. Everything I can find about the place looks on the up and up, but I'd appreciate if mefites who have used their services could share what happened and how they felt about it, so I can be certain in my recommendation to her.
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Why not use Consumer Credit Counseling Services?
They are a non-profit, it appears this greenpath is not. CCCS has been around for a very long time, these for profit "debt counseling" places seem to be springing up like mushrooms.. or toadstools.
When I went through CCCS, they had a "suggested donation" in mind, but there was no pressure to pay it. So there is less overhead to getting debts paid off.
The phone calls from creditors ceased the day I went in, they got the interest stopped on most of my credit cards and got me back on the path to paying the things off. I had to pay a certain amount each month on my debts (based on my income). I cannot say enough good things about the help they gave me.

I don't know what they, or anyone, can do with the IRS, I've had dealings with them before, "logic" is not a term I would use.
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Response by poster: Greenpath's website says they are a nonprofit.
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Response by poster: Also, my friend is specifically looking at GreenPath because they have offices in here in NYC, where she lives.

If you know any NYC specific resources, that is helpful, but I'm particularly looking for experiences with this one place, since that's what she asked me to look into.
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I had a very good experience with Greenpath about ten years ago. After the free consultation, I was a little uneasy about their fee, so I tried calling my creditors on my own. But since I wasn't behind on payments (just spending way too much on high interest), they basically wouldn't deal with me. So I went ahead with Greenpath -- they got my rates negotiated down, and their fee was more than covered by the interest they saved me. Everything worked as expected; I sent payments to Greenpath, and they sent it all (minus the monthly fee) on to the credit card companies. Their payment plan was very reasonable for me, and I usually sent extra to pay down the balances faster.

Do be aware Greenpath will likely have you close all your cards, except possibly one.
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This doesn't answer your exact question, but I owed the IRS money and worked with them directly. They were very helpful, and actually nice. They set up an installment plan that I could afford.

I was incredibly anxious about calling them -- like, to the point of having panic attacks -- but when I finally did it, it just kinda turned out to be No Big Deal. I expected scolding or a lecture about what a bad citizen I am. Got none of that -- instead just got help figuring out what to do next.
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