Trying to get copies of W-2s, can I find online with IRS? account
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My mom needs to prove to the State that her taxes were filed in 2011. Maybe she could pull her Federal taxes from the IRS online? Would that include scan copies of her w-2s?

Her accountant no longer has her w-2s. I told her she would have to reach out to her employer, but she believes that there is a website that she can go to to retrieve her w-2s. I told her that due to security issues that this would be doubtful. She maintains that my sister went to a site to pull her w-2s. Any ideas hive mind?
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From the IRS: Prior Year(s) Form W-2 (How to Get a Copy) Note that having W-2's is not the same thing as having filed state taxes.
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Specific to the W2 portion of the question: your sister's employer probably uses a third-party service like The Work Number. If your mother's does as well, this might be an option for W2 retrieval without contacting the employer directly.
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Yup, it's probably a site like that. If you want to run some other possibilities past her to see if they ring a bell, my employer uses
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Your sister probably logged onto a portal provided by her workplace in order to get her W2s, like ADP iPay. These sites are primarily for check stubs (if you're signed up for direct deposit or misplace the skirt of a physical check), so ask if she already uses something like that. The IRS does not provide any service like that.

If she needs to prove that her state taxes were filed though, the IRS and W2 forms aren't going to help with that. Presumably she has received a Notice of Failure to File from her state's Department of Revenue (or whatever it's called) or something like that, yes? The IRS does not handle state taxes, and W2s are forms issued to you by your employer. The tax authority is looking for proof that her state taxes were filed. Your mother's accountant should have provided her with a copy of all filings made on her behalf, time to pull some boxes out of storage.
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