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Would you tip for this and how much?

(My google-fu says that the last time this question was asked was in 2005, so I'm posting a repeat.)

I'm having a C&B couch and chair delivered to my home this week. The furniture needs to go up six external steps (three, a short sidewalk walkway, and then three on the stoop) to get dropped off in the front room (no entrance hallway or mudroom to navigate - you open the front door and you're in the room where the couch is going).

There's a $99 delivery fee, but not tipping for delivery feels weird in this day and age. Would you recommend tipping for this delivery and if so, how much?
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My husband was a furniture deliverer for a year. Most people didn't tip, but he was grateful when they did, especially if the delivery was particularly onerous. He didn't see anything from the delivery fee and wasn't paid very much for the job. Depending on your level of generosity, anywhere from $10-20 per delivery person would be appreciated, I'm sure.
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I tip furniture deliverers $10; $20 if it's especially difficult. It's a very hard job and the guys always really appreciate it.
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I'd probably tip $10 if it's two guys and about 15 minutes of work. If it were more stairs or heavier pieces, I'd give more.
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I'm pretty cheap. I figure they are paid for the job. I don't get tips on my job (and don't expect it). However, when I don't tip, about half the time they manage to damage something on the way out. Oh! "sorry about that". So, it's up to you. That does sound like a very easy, standard delivery.
Another factor, I'm in the midwest, which I think has less of a tipping culture than other places.
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I lean on the $20 side (or $10 per person) because manual labor is always underpaid.
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I had a delivery with a similar degree of difficulty from Raymour & Flanigan last year. I tipped them $10 apiece.

The way I think about it is that delivery jobs are backbreaking (almost literally) and don't pay that well. If I'm in a position where I'm comfortable enough to be buying a new couch from a moderately upscale place, then I can afford to do something (admittedly small) to offset the pittance that such workers get, especially when the system is benefitting me directly.
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I was totally unsure if tips were expected and how much when I had some furniture delivered a couple of years ago. The two guys who delivered my sectional did a bit of set up, and it saved me a lot of work. I was going to give them $10 a piece but didn't have change and it felt awkward to give a $20 bill to one and telling him to share it. So I gave each guy $20. I was a bit annoyed to pay so much at first but they looked so happy that it kind of made my day.

So I'd say $10 a person is nice, and if you can afford it or it's a difficult delivery/set-up, $20 a person.
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Former mover here: no tip required, but as others have said tips are always appreciated by honest laborers. That one couch is an easy move--those are "steps" and not "stairs" :) and one doorway is nothing, they may not even have to upend it--so for ten bucks apiece you've made their morning, and twenty, boy--that's a day to remember.'

So maybe have four tens ready: you're ready to tip two guys ten bucks apiece, and if you just love them to pieces and they're so nice, they wipe their feet, they're careful with your door molding, etc., then you can thrust twenty bucks into each of their hands. And if there's three guys for whatever reason, you can just give them each a ten.
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Response by poster: Not marking any favorites since all the comments were great - thanks for your thoughts and I'll definitely be tipping them!
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I tip enough for a coffee and donut per person for a straightforward job. At timmies that's $5.
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