how buobs?
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Sometime last year (or maybe the year before?) while browsing r/creepypms I came across a painfully hilarious (hilariously painful?) exchange between some folks probably on steam. I haven't been able to find it again and reddit is a total cluster when it comes to browsing history so I'm turning to you all for help.

I had just discovered the subreddit and had been going back through the top posts of all time, but I was in pretty deep so there's no telling where it was in the sort or how old it was. Of course it was a link to an image so there's no way to search for specific words in the messages. I realize this is a longshot.

Here is what I remember:

-colored text on a black background (which suggests it might be a chat convo on Steam based on how those look)
-convo between a guy and a woman gamer
-guy was completely flabbergasted that a woman could play video games
-rampant misspellings
-guy at some point started demanding "how boobs? how buobs?" (HOW DO YOU MISSPELL BOOBS) and the woman replied something like, "you mean how do I physically play video games? I just repeatedly mash my breasts into the controller. why, how do you play?"

It was SO funny and pathetic and I'd love to find it again. If by some odd miracle you happen to have seen this and saved the link omg yes please. Or if you know if there's any way to actually ask people on reddit this question that would be a good step. (I don't really understand how reddit works and as far as I know there's no metatalk for reddit.)

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>> as far as I know there's no metatalk for reddit

There sort of is. There is an r/tomt which stands for Tip of My Tongue and it has lots of folks helping others to find that one thing they can't find right now.
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Best answer: how u play vg &boobz pls answer

Doesn't show up when you search /r/creepyPMs for "boob," weirdly. Thanks for nothing, Reddit search.
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Response by poster: Yesssssss!
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