Where can I buy a nice iPad case?
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I'm desperately in need of a new iPad case! My current case is from Fossil and while it's cute, it's started to fall apart and I've had it for a little less than a year. The only requirements I really have are 1) for the case to be well made (so it won't fall apart like my current one) and 2) It has to be bright/have some sort of pattern (nothing boring like brown leather). That's it. And it's an iPad 4. Where should I start looking for a cute case?
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Beautiful leather options from Oberon Design. I have a Kindle cover from there that is divine.
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Dodocase is definitely cute and has lots of options . . . but is on the pricier end of things. I went through two of them in about 4 years . . . . both got dropped which ended up cracking the wood frame. So although the quality seems good at first, if you are hard on things, it may not be so great. I always got TONS of compliments on how cool the case was, though . . . and it did its job protecting the ipad . . . the cases cracked but the ipad is still good as new after 5ish years.

Now I just have a cheap "smart cover" knock off on it . . . which has also done the job just fine.
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Second vote for Oberon Designs - they are beautiful!
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I'm a fan of Society6.
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Best answer: I am a huge fan of the Pad & Quill cases. I've bought three of the darned things, two for myself, and one for my wife.
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